Best Motorcycle Boots

When it comes to motorcycle boots, they have got a lot to do. First of all, they should protect a rider in case of any unwanted crashes. Secondly, a person should feel comfortable for as long as he’s wearing them. And lastly, they should be stylish to bode well with the outside world. So if you’re wondering of purchasing regular boots for your biking endeavors, consider changing your thinking at the earnest.

Nowadays, a large number of developers are out there in the market with their own catalog of motorcycle boots. Each one of them has distinct features which make them viable for a specific purpose. When some of these boots are waterproof, there are others to be worn with cruiser motorbikes. That said, there are separate boots for men and women.

Top 5 Best Motorcycle Boots


Polar Fox WYATT MPX608005 Boots



A versatile Pair, the Polar Fox comes handy in a variety of activities. One can wear them for work, riding on his motorcycle and even in a social gathering.

To start with, these boots have a fabric lining which makes them stylish for the onlookers. As per the traction, the Wyatt incorporates a rubber sole to grip well with the underneath surface.

In order to assist the users, a buckle strap is provided with the Heel Tab which makes it easy to put on/off these shoes without any hesitation. There are three holes on the buckle, so one can tighten it up as per his personal feet size.

Coming towards their safety feature, there is an enhanced ankle protection which saves your ankle from rolling in case of an accident. However, if you’re interested in purchasing these boots, consider ordering a size smaller than usual. These shoes actually run larger in size so keep that in mind before making this purchase.


  • A Stylish Pair of shoes for the fashion-oriented riders
  • Provides necessary traction to cope up with a slippery surface
  • Comfortable Boots, one can wear them for whole day long.


  • Run large in Size, Customers have to be wary of it.

O’Neal Rider Boots (Black, Size 10)



The O’Neal Rider is a heavy duty product carefully designed for the fans of motorbiking. When riders are normally susceptible to road accidents, these shoes have made use of injection molded plastic plates. In addition to that, the use of metal inserts helps these boots to keep their shape for a longer duration of time. Even though it makes these shoes extremely stiff, but in the case of any incident, it also saves the human feet from suffering any potential damage. Moreover, there is extra padding on the front of these boots, which isn’t normally the case with other, traditional boots.

Featuring 4 different buckles, these boots have a steel toe which prevents it from falling apart. This toe is kept in place with the help of screws, so it won’t pop out as with the case of pins.

As per the sole traction, users can wear this shoe on a number of terrains without any second thought. Talking about the users who often complain about foot pain, these boots have cushioned insoles which provide them with pain relief.

Lastly, there is a rear pull tab which makes it easy to put these boots on. So if you’re looking to go out for rough riding, this might be your perfect footwear.


  • Heavy Duty Boot, Protects your feet at all times.
  • Snap-Lock Adjustable Buckle System is pretty easy to operate.
  • Use of Goodyear Welt Provides additional support to the riders


  • These boots are relatively stiff at the beginning, Break in period is required.

Harley- Davidson Men’s Foxfield Boot



Having a nice and compact look, the Foxfield Boot makes use of 90% Leather along with 10% Thermoplastic Polyurethane in the construction of its upper. When the former material is used in the overall edifice, the latter comes handy in terms of forming an abrasion guard at the toe cap of these boots.

Featuring a rubber sole, the use of slip, as well as oil resistant outsole, enhances the traction of these boots on a number of surfaces. Talking about the toe, customers can choose these boots with or without Steel Toe as per their own convenience.

The interior of these shoes is equipped with a full-length sock lining which comes handy when customers are looking to wear these boots for an extended duration. The Foxfield also provides additional support in the ankle region.

Keeping the tradition alive from other Harley-Davidson boots, the Foxfield features a sporty look. It is extremely lightweight and with a lace-up construction, one can wear them for a lot of activities in addition to the bike-riding.


  • Slip, Oil Resistant Outsole is a big advantage for bike riders.
  • Full-Length Sock Lining provides utmost comfort.
  • It is a Lightweight as well as Comfortable Boot.
  • Additional ankle support is a big plus.


  • A bit more padding is required in the Arch region.

GLOBALWIN Mens Fashion Lace Up Cap Toe Winter Ankle Combat Boot



As evident from the name of this boot, the GLOBALWIN Fashion Combat Boot is one to watch for the bike riders who want to keep their fashion sense in check. Featuring special embroidery patterns with a stylish Suede upper, this shoe has everything which a fashion oriented customer might want from his ideal footwear.

The fact that the manufacturer has termed this boot as a Winter Wear is due to certain special features. Firstly, it will keep your feet warm regardless of the outside weather. This is made possible by the use of synthetic leather.

Secondly, the use of fake fur lining enhances the breathability of these boots. Such a material allows the passage of air without any notable restriction. This particular feature is extremely handy when a customer is looking to refrain from unwanted foot smells.

And lastly, when a customer is looking to wear winter boots for an enhanced period, this boot is extremely comfortable. There is no need to change them after every now and then because these are actually lightweight boots.

Coming towards the sole, it is actually cemented. So for the customers looking for a Goodyear welt, this might be a minor drawback.


  • Fashionable Boot. Surely a head turner by all means
  • Prevents annoying foot smell
  • Warm enough for winter usage.


  • Cemented Sole in place of Goodyear Welt.

Maelstrom Men’s Tac Force 8 Inch Zipper Tactical Boot



Specifically designed for the law enforcement personnel, who’ve to perform rigorous duties in harsh environments, the Tac Force Boot combines high-quality leather and nylon in its construction. The use of leather makes these shoe water resistant, one thing which such type of users dearly wants in their ideal footwear. As per the Nylon, it greatly enhances the moisture wicking ability of these boots, thus keeping your feet dry on a consistent basis.

Despite the fact that these shoes are designed for heavy duty usage, no compromise has been made over the comfort of these boots. The Maelstrom Boots are extremely comfortable, thanks to the padded collar and the tongue. There is a side zipper in order to put them on/off without any restriction and it is protected with a leather lining. Once these boots are all zipped up, there is an additional leather strap to keep the zipper in place.

As per the outsole, it is made of a rubber which is integrated with oil as well as slip resistance properties. Another thing which is great about these shoes is their weight. The manufacturer has made use of shock-absorbing midsole which helps the feet to perform to its fullest.


  • Lightweight Boots with a sturdy construction, designed for heavy duty use.
  • Nylon lining enhances the moisture-wicking ability of these boots.
  • Easy to wear with the help of a side zipper.
  • Polishable Leather keeps them shining for office use.


  • Not entirely waterproof for some user’s likings.

Best Waterproof Motorcycle Boots

Keeping in mind the abrupt moods of Mother Nature, it is recommended that riders should go for waterproof boots. These boots act as a life saver in order to keep your feet dry and prevent them from becoming a victim of bacterial activities. Talking about such shoes, let’s have a look at the Alpinestars Roam 2 Waterproof Motorcycle Boots.



A classical Italian design, the Alpinestars features 100% waterproof membrane which makes them viable for intense weather conditions. This membrane is integrated between the upper and the lining which makes sure that no amount of moisture can seep through its surface. Also included in these boots is a breathable textile lining which allows the passage of air at all times.

Enhancing their flexibility, these boots have made use of synthetic leather and a lightweight fabric in their entire construction. The toe is reinforced with the front accordion flex zone made of microfiber. As per the traction, this boot features a specific anti-slip design with the help of a vulcanized compound sole.

There are dual Velcro Straps in order to provide a much more secure and customized fit to your feet. Moreover, a top closure is there to restrain the water from entering into the inside of these boots.

Another thing which is quite unique in these boots is a reflective insert on the backside of these boots to accommodate nighttime riding. So all in all, if you have to dry through a wide range of conditions, the Alpinestars is definitely worth a shot.


  • CE Certification assures the boot’s quality.
  • Top Closure comes handy to stop water from entering inside the boots.
  • A couple of straps for the right fit.
  • Heel Counters to nullify ankle problems.
  • Unlike other boots, the Alpinestars run true to their size.


  • Requires time to break in due to the use of the synthetic

Best Mens Motorcycle Boots

Boots are much more than a mere fashion accessory for bike riders. In the case of a crash, this gear helps them to avoid serious injuries. Even though there is no specific rule regarding the type of boots which a motorcyclist should purchase, there are some shoes rated highly amongst a wide range of customers. And one of them is the Milwaukee Mens Afterburner Boot.



Having a leather made upper, the Milwaukee is an ideal footwear for rigorous bike riders. When such type of customers cannot even think of soft, canvas fleets, the use of leather imparts sturdy construction to this boot.

For the right fit, this shoe has made use of an ankle strap combined with either side zippers. Such an arrangement makes it easy to instantly pop on/off these shoes when the rider is in a bit of a hurry. The sole is resistant to oil and it actually grips well on a slippery surface.

Moving forward, this shoe is cushioned at all inner parts which provide great comfort to the owner of these boots. The midsole of is carefully crafted as per the dimensions of actual human feet. As a result of such an extensive set of arrangements, this shoe wicks away the foot pain in an extraordinary manner.

Lastly, when other leather made shoes take some time to break in, same is the case with the Milwaukee Afterburner. They will be stiff at the start but that’s exactly what a bike rider wants from this footwear.


  • Use of high-quality leather divulges decent look to the Milwaukee Afterburner.
  • Either side zippers improve the right fit.
  • Even for bike riders, who are accustomed to uncomfortable footwear, this is a comfortable pair of boots.


  • As already mentioned, the Afterburner needs time to soften.

Best Cruiser Motorcycle Boots

When it comes to sport-oriented boots, the demand is pretty simple. From wanting a comfortable and breathable pair of shoes, customers are in search of something that can provide protection. And if you’re looking for the cruiser motorcycle boots, have a look at the Joe Rocket Sonic R Motorcycle boots.



Sonic has been a popular boot of Joe Rocket for a long time. But when its previous versions were famous for their taller design, the Sonic R is even taller. It is basically a lightweight boot with one zipper and a couple of Velcro closures. One of these closures is provided around the calf region – which can be tightened or loosened to multiple extents – and the other, rather smaller one is on the outside of this boot.

In order to make their shoes waterproof, Joe Rocket makes use of the DryTech feature. Basically, it is a waterproof breathable membrane which is provided on the inside of these boots. Such a structure makes these boots an ideal footwear for all weathers because not only it restricts the water, it also allows the passage of air to keep your feet dry. However, the breathability of these shoes is limited to a certain temperature, which can be taken as a minor drawback.

For additional safety, the Sonic R features double stitching in all the high-stress areas along with a strengthened shin, toe and ankle protection. All these areas are extremely vulnerable during bike riding and that’s why such a construction method has been employed by this manufacturer.

There is a small reflective stripe just above the heel portion, to make these shoes visible during night time riding. So all in all, this shoe goes to the next level when it comes to making sure the safety of their users.


  • Flexible, Lightweight, feels like a sneaker.
  • Enhanced protection at the toe, ankle and shin region.
  • Breathable, Waterproof, One Boot for all weathers.
  • Requires no time to break in, provides comfort from the first time of asking.


  • Zipper used is not of the highest quality.

Best Casual Motorcycle boots

For riders who take their motorcycle out for a weekend spin, or ride it on daily basis, getting a boot which is head-to-toe leather isn’t recommended. Spontaneous rides into town, to meet up with a friend are such rides which preclude the need to get totally knitted. Hence, if you don’t want to look like an overenthusiastic gimp upon your arrival at the destination, you need the best casual motorcycle boot.

There are some boots which are underrated. You can include Speed and Strength Black 9 Moto Shoes in that category. Its shaft length is what divide opinions. Some biking enthusiasts believe that the greater the shaft length, the better the protection. However, what they don’t know is the below-mentioned features of this boot.



First of all, it has a molded toe to give you a balanced and correct stance while standing. Secondly, making up for its less-than-normal shaft length, this boot has both heel and ankle reinforcements. While the heel has been reinforced on its own, the ankle is rightly padded up.

That is to say that even if you put your feet in the wrong place, these boots will provide them the necessary backup to avoid any damage.

Also, while they are NOT designed to be worn in rain, these boots – thanks to their anti-slip rubber outsole, would take you with aplomb through watery terrains. As for the aesthetics, their “undercover” lacing system makes sure that these boots will stand out in a crowd.


  • Stylish and comfy
  • Anti-slip
  • Heel and ankle reinforcements


  • A bit expensive

Best Motorcycle Boots for Women

When designing women motorcycling boots, manufacturers have to keep two things in their consideration: that the boot provides adequate protection in the case of a fall and it should also be in vogue. This boot ticks both these boxes with aplomb.

Despite the height of Vivienne-01– it has a shaft length of 16.5’’, never for a moment believe that it would be tight around your ankle. For, there is ample space for your ankle to adjust which is supplemented by the protection provided by the 1.25’’ heel.



The boots would also complement no matter what you are wearing. They work excellently with leggings, tights, jeans, boot socks. Also, the zippers are on both sides but not for the reason you think.

Yes, by providing zippers on both sides, its manufacturers has ensured that these boots are easy to put on/off, there is also a fashion need underlying those two zippers. Still, if you feel that the zippers are all these boots have got, a buckle strap is there to negate your apprehensions.

Finally, while the aforementioned features might have suggested otherwise to you, these boots are very inexpensive. In fact, if you don’t tell anybody their real price tag, nobody will be able to guess. They are THAT good.


  • A perfect amalgam of fashion and protection
  • Zippers on both sides
  • Nice shaft length to provide protection
  • Ample support for the ankle


  • Not to be worn in rain

Best Motorcycle Boots under $100

If you are looking for a boot which provides ample ankle support and have a generous shaft length, but still available for a considerable price, the Men’s Road Motorcycle Boots from Milwaukee deserves your attention.



First thing which attracted my attention towards this boot was its laid back exterior appearance. It looks sturdy, has a huge toe, and a buckle which will resemble the belt of your father. Still, that doesn’t mean that this boot is not fit for usage.

For, look at its MOC and the freedom flex material used in its construction imparts this boot both toughness and comfort. The area around your ankle is also padded but that doesn’t constricts the space. In fact, you can move your ankle and given that the heel height is generous, this boot will save your ankle from acquiring any injuries.

Another feature of this boot which makes it a must-have for any rider is its “under-cover” laces. You might have come across boots whose laces fly in the air, posing a danger when you wear them on a bike. Thankfully, you’ll encounter no such problem in these boots.

Finally, while these boots will take some rides to break in, their price – coupled with their features, makes these boots a must-have for you.


  • Generous heel height
  • Comfortable and sturdy
  • Ankle support
  • Easy to put on/off


  • Might be too big for some

Best Off Road Motorcycle Boots

Even though their appearance might fool you to believe that these boots are inexpensive, they are NOT and I don’t know why. For, the Forma Adventure Off-Road Motorcycle boots have all the features which make them a top of the line product.



The upper of these shoes is made of full grain leather, hence making them ideal for off-road activities. When Leather is famous for its thicker texture and resistance towards impact, same is the case with these boots.

Secondly, these boots have been reinforced by injection molded plastic plates.  Apart from adding support and maintaining their shape, these plates will protect these boots against impacts. Hence, once you wear them, your feet will be protected.

Another notable feature is the adjustable plastic buckles. They are adjustable, properly balanced, and closing them is a cinch. Moreover, there is additional protection on the ankle and shin region as the manufacturer have made use of Thermoplastic Polyurethane molded plastic protections.

Coming towards midsole — the area between the sole and the upper — Forma have made use of a special material known as Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA). It is famous for its resistance towards impact as shoes incorporating such a midsole can resist stress upto increased levels.

Lastly, dry tex lining helps these boots to tackle hot weather as this material, which is comprised of 100% Polyester, is extremely breathable.


  • Provide brilliant protection against impact
  • Easy to operate buckles
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Extra leverage provided by rear pull tab


  • Heal support isn’t generous

Best Motorcycle Boots for Hot Weather

When the sun is shining brightly, it is vital for the riders to wear such type of footwear that allows proper ventilation. The motorcycle boots for hot weather should allow free-flowing air and should also keep the users cool regardless of the outside temperature. So if you’re out there in the market, in search of new shoes for the summer season, there aren’t much better products than the Mcrae Mens Desert Tan.



Manufacturer of the military footwear since 1967, Mcrae knows what it takes to craft a perfect pair of shoes for the hot weather. Keeping their prior experience in mind, the Mcrae Mens Desert Tan – as evident from its name – comes handy while working in hotter climates.

This shoe features a tan suede in the construction of its upper. This particular material is remarkably softer and thinner as compared to the full grain leather. When shoes made of leather are ideal for a colder climate, this one comes handy in a hotter region. The suede allows air circulation and prevents the sweat formulation with good effect.

The Mcrae Desert Tan is equipped with a Panama outsole which is famous for its resistance towards oil, acid as well as regular slippage. Such kind of sole thwarts away the mud so you can ride in the desert while wearing such shoes. In place of the Velcro, there are laces in this boot in order to provide a proper fit.


  • Ideal Footwear for users working in a hotter
  • Soft Suede Upper for enhanced air ventilation.
  • Panama Outsole to maintain a firm grip at all times.


  • Reduced protection at the ankle region.