Best Ski Boots


A single gear which can have drastic effects on your ski setup, it’s worth it to spend your valuable time researching ski boots before purchasing one from the today’s market. When they help its owner to feel comfortable, they also allow him or her to transfer their energy onto the skis in an efficient manner.

When every user possesses different feet, the idea of the best ski boots varies from person to person. Depending on your height, weight, skill level and aspirations, it also depends on the skier type and the flex rating of these boots. Even though these boots won’t be as comfortable as that of your regular street boots, one shouldn’t compromise too much on comfortability just for the sake of high performance. Because at the end of the day – with no matter how good the boot performed – an uncomfortable pair can leave you with sore feet.

So if you want to purchase the best ski boots, without falling victim to the faulty footwear, have a look at the below-mentioned guide.


Top 3 Best Ski Boots Reviews


Salomon Quest Access 70 Ski Boots

The Salomon Quest Ski Boots are designed for users who’re still relatively new to this sport. Varying from amateurs to mid-level customers, this product is equipped with just the right features to make them feel comfortable without any hesitation. So when every customer should purchase a ski boot which lies closest to his skill-level, this one can be associated with the newbies at skiing.



Starting with the width, this shoe features 104mm last which makes it an ideal footwear for users with wider feet. Moreover, if you’re a recreational skier who doesn’t want to hurt his/her feet with a tight fit, these boots features a flex rating of 70 which is good enough to adhere to any such demands.

The 70 Ski Boots are a versatile product as apart from wearing it for all day skiing, you can also wear it for touring or even while walking towards the lodge. For this purpose, this shoe incorporates a ride and hike tech switch on its back which allows you to choose from three options namely Hike, Ride, and Lock. When hike allows maximum maneuverability for walking, lock mode comes handy when you’re passing through a downhill terrain while ride can provide a bit of both.

The 34mm strap on the Access 70 is bit larger as compared to the average straps in other ski boots, so users will have no problem while tightening the boot together when it comes to attaining a snug fit. As per the plastic buckles, users can adjust them with utmost accuracy as they allow micro adjustments.


  • Ride and Hike Tech Switch increases the boot’s versatility
  • Wide last with a decent flex rating provides enhanced comfort to the owners of this boot
  • Combination of wool and Polyester Fibers delivers impeccable insulation


  • Not an ideal footwear for users with narrow feet

Rossignol Evo 70 Ski Boot

The Rossignol Evo Ski Boots is a comfort-oriented boot which comes with a 104mm last. This is the widest boot which this brand has ever manufactured as this shoe is mainly designed for users with absolutely more full feet. The idea behind this shoe is to provide comfort to its valuable owners who are one thing which amateurs crave for in the ski boots.



As evident from the name of this product, the Evo Ski Boot features a 70 flex rating which provides optimal support for amateurs as well as intermediate skiers alike. When the former can wear this boot to make progress into this sport, the latter will have just the right amount of support thanks to this flex rating. However, if you’re an expert skier, this might not be the perfect flex rating for your skills.

For keeping your feet insulated regardless of the outside temperature, this boot’s liner is made with a machined Polyurethane which stops the environmental elements from affecting your feet. Moreover, the liner is completely padded and contoured to deliver you a comfortable fit. So as long as you’re wearing these boots, you’ll be protected from the feet fatigue.

This shoe boasts a traditional design with three buckles so users can get in or out of these boots without any trouble. The top buckle is oversized so you can have an even further support in the calf region. These buckles are micro adjustable, and the fact that these are made from Aluminum makes them a durable product.


  • Three micro-adjustable buckles reduces the formation of pressure points
  • PU liner helps in increasing the shoe’s insulation
  • Soft materials at the entrance makes it easy to enter/exit these boots


  • Flex rating might be a bit too much for experienced skiers

Salomon X-Pro 100 Ski Boots 2017

Lying in one of the best-selling lines of Salomon, the X-Pro 100 Ski Boots can be used by wide range of customers without any hesitation. This shoe boasts performance and comfort, and with a flex rating of 100, this is an ideal footwear for even the most advanced of users.



The X-Pro 100 incorporates a custom shell which can be fully molded as per your feet size. Firstly, the shell undergoes a unique heat treatment process in an oven in which it is heated up to several hundred degrees. Afterward, the tank is cooled down before placing it underneath your feet. In this way, the shell contours itself as per your feet dimensions.   Starting from 100mm, the shoe can grow up even to 106mm last after undergoing the process mentioned above. So when it fits the average foot very well and that too straight out of the box, the X-Pro provides optimum feet for even the widest of feet.

Another impressive feature in the X-Pro 100 is the presence of 24mm Pivot. Such an oversized construction allows direct connection between the upper Cuff with the lower region, so you won’t have any problem in transferring your energy onto the skis in an efficient manner.

The manufacturer of this boot has paid particular attention to increasing the right fit of this product. For this purpose, when most of the other ski boots rely on just three buckles, the X-Pro introduces four buckles which can be micro adjusted when it comes to delivering a precise fit. Then comes a 35mm strap which can be wrapped around the boot to provide a much more secure fit. So when you go skiing, it keeps your feet in place while restricting a lot of unwanted movement.


  • Can be worn by users with different feet sizes
  • Oversized Pivot in the heel region transfers power efficiently
  • Four buckles boasts snug fit on a consistent basis


  • Not too comfortable as per some user’s likings

Best Men’s Ski Boots

The Rossignol Alias Sensor 120 Ski Boot can turn out to be an ideal purchase for all such customers who’re looking for ultimate skiing experience. Rossignol has specifically designed this footwear for all those customers whose feet size is a bit larger than usual.



In today’s market, it is quite difficult to find a high-performing ski boot with a wide last. As a result, users have to compromise on one of these features to purchase the desired product. However, no such problem exists with the Alias Sensor 120 as it has successfully fused extra width with a stiffer flex. With a wide last of 104mm, you’re getting an all-mountain shoe with a generous fit.

One problem which can be associated with the wide ski boots is an extended heel pocket which eventually results in unwanted heel movements. However, the Alias Sensor has countered this problem by making use of the Sensor Fit Technology. It keeps the ankle pocket of the same size while widening the forefoot portion to suit users with bigger feet size. So when you wear a wider boot, you can also enjoy a greater heel retention.

This shoe has a self-molding tongue which works well regarding decreasing the pressure points in the chin region. It also has a one-piece toe box to prevent cramping, four different micro-adjustable buckles to deliver a precise fit, a strap of 25mm which boasts an overall secure fit and lastly, a rather neutral stance which means that you can use this boot for an entire day without any fear of fatigue.


  • 104mm last accommodates users with wide or square toes
  • Stiffer flex provides a unique combination of width and performance
  • Simple design allows users to wear this shoe all day long


  • Customers have to spend some time with the buckles to get a snug fit

Best Women’s Ski Boots

When it comes to ski boots for women, these are different from that of their male counterparts. Since women’s feet are narrower, the boots which are manufactured for them features narrow heel pocket with an overall smaller width. So if you want to purchase the best Women’s ski boots, have a look at the Rossignol Kelia 50 Ski Boots Women’s.



Carefully crafted as per the Anatomy of female feet, this product boasts a 104mm last which is quite forgiving, to say the least. Another thing which is customized for the women users is the women’s Comfort Fit Liner. It is cut down as per the female’s calf and features a rather open design to deliver a comfortable fit. Moreover, the padding used around the calf region is quite flexible in nature, so women skiers won’t feel any trouble while wearing this boot for an extended duration.

With a flex rating of 50, this boot serves the needs of beginners who want to make inroads in skiing while wearing a lightweight shoe. An individual Kelia boot weighs as low as just under 4lbs so even if you’re planning to spend all day in the mountains, you’re in a good position to tackle feet fatigue. As per the shell, it is made of Polyolefin which is quite common in the skiing boots for beginners.

Talking about the diagonal buckles, there are 3 of them in this shoe which are easier to adjust thanks to their micro-adjustment capability. Then there is a 40mm Velcro Strap so women can not only get in or out of this footwear in a short time, but they will also enjoy a more precise fit as compared to other such products in today’s market.

Rossignol is offering a 1-year warranty with this product. So if anything fell apart during that period, you can replace the shoe without any problems at all.


  • Lightweight Footwear as per the needs of women skiers
  • Broad Last to accommodate a wide range of feet sizes
  • Women Comfort Fit Liner keeps the feet from hurting


  • Question mark about the shell’s durability

Best Ski Boots for Wide Feet

Another premium quality product from Solomon, the Quest Access 80 Ski Boots are designed for customers who doesn’t want to end up in narrower shoes in search of a high-performing footwear. Because apart from the fact that these shoes are built on a wide last, they still provide an excellent support when it comes to performing on the ski.



The Access 80 has a mammoth 104mm last which means that it can be worn by users with average to large feet size. For further convenience, it boasts a flex rating of 80 which is viable for skiers who want a decent fusion of comfort and performance.

To keep your foot warm on the mountains, Solomon has come up with a particular form of insulation incorporating Wool and the Metallic layer of Polyester. When wool is more than capable of absorbing the upcoming cold, the layer of reflective Polyester comes handy when you’re looking to keep the coldness at bay.

Along with the two buckles which are made of Aluminum, the Access 80 has a special Ratchet Buckle to accommodate users with different calf size. When other boots often struggle to provide such sort of calves, no such problem exists with this boot as the ratchet buckle is quite capable of dealing with even with the largest of calves. So it makes sure that your entire feet stay inside the boot for your safety.

Lastly, there is a ride and hike switch on the rear portion which is quite a common feature in the Access series of Salomon. It allows you to choose from walking or skiing and it is quite easy to operate even without any prior experience.

So if you’ve wide feet and want to get rid of the fatigue caused by the previous narrower boots, the Access 80 is worth a shot.


  • Despite the Wide last, this shoe boasts high-performance
  • Woolmetal Insulation protects your feet from the harsh environmental elements
  • Easy to get in/out of this footwear thanks to the Micro-Adjustment Buckles


  • Runs large

Best All Mountain Ski Boots

The Rossignol Alltrack Pro 100 Ski Boots are ideal for skiers who want to go pretty much everywhere on the mountains. Featuring a special Sensor Grid Technology, this boot has made use of two internal lasts which helps it to fit precisely with your feet. Moreover, it has a 100mm last which means that this footwear is designed for intermediate to advanced level users.



The Alltrack Pro 100 is equipped with the OptiSensor 3D liner which involves the strategic placements of materials in three key zones of this boot to increase its comfort and support. Firstly, the ankle and instep regions are crafted with softer materials. So apart from getting in/out of these boots in a swift manner, you can feel utmost comfort while wearing this shoe. Secondly, this shoe has a stiffer heel cup which keeps your heel in place and provides regular support when skiing. Lastly, the use of Thinsulate lining is an effective way of providing insulation and providing all day warmth without any inconsistency.

Coming towards its versatility, a lever is placed at the cuff’s rear which let you choose between HIKE and SKI Positions. If you’re interested in walking with this boot, pull the lever up, and the cuff will be unlocked. For users wanting to go skiing, all they have to do is just to pull the lever down. It also has the interchangeable soles so no matter where you go, this shoe can be worn without any hesitation.

Furthermore, the use of 4 Diagonal buckles – which are micro adjustable — helps you to attain a precise fit without wasting any time while dealing with the buckles. Another thing which is quite impressive in this product that the weight one Alltrack Pro Ski Boot is just 2.310 grams. So when it can be used almost anywhere, you won’t feel much feel fatigue either.


  • Versatile Footwear allows easy switching between HIKE and SKI
  • OptiSensor 3D Liner fuses comfort and performance actually
  • Thinsulate Insulation boasts unparalleled warmth


  • Not an ideal pair of shoe for users with wider feet

Best Beginner Ski Boots

When it comes to beginners, they typically look for three things in their ski gear. It should be comfortable, easy to use and it should also provide utmost warmth against the colder outdoors. Talking about a product which has all of these features in abundance, have a look at the Tecnica Phoenix Max 8 Mens Ski Boots.



Having a Flex Index of 80, this is the kind of boot which stays with you as your level progresses. You can use it as an amateur and even when your skill improves up to the intermediate level; this boot is still good enough to provide decent support. Inside this product is a ComfortFit Liner which not only keeps your feet warm but successfully aligns itself as per the feet dimensions of its owner.

The Phoenix Max 8 features a 102mm last which targets customers with average to medium level feet size. So if you’ve feet which are larger than the above-said end, you might have to look elsewhere in search of the skiing boots. However, as long as your feet lies within the 102mm last, there aren’t many comfortable products than this one in today’s market.

Moving towards the three buckles, these are further strengthened with an oversized, 45mm Powerstrap which is expressly provided to keep your feet in place. The buckles are made of Aluminum, so you don’t have to face any problems regarding any one of them giving way shortly.

At a time when most of the manufacturers are contend on just 1-year warranty, Tecnica is offering this product with a 2-year guarantee. For any beginner-oriented boots, this is a problem as it tells the customers that the product is made of absolutely top-class materials.


  • Adjustable Footwear, one can adjust the three buckles as per his feet size
  • Durable Product comes with a decent 2-year warranty
  • Inexpensive Product can be purchased while living within the budget


  • Feels tight at the start, requires break-in period

Best Heated Ski Boots

You will find a lot of skiers complaining about the lack of proper warmth inside their boots. It may seem a bit odd considering the nature of this sport, as cold weather is certainly part and parcel of skiing, but it’s also true that most of the boots lack the necessary firepower when it comes to delivering warm feet at all times. So when most of the skiers crave from proper warmth inside their socks, here is a product which is exclusively designed for this particular purpose.

The Salomon Quest Access Custom Heat Ski Boots 2017 is no less than an epitome of comfort for customers with colder feet. Featuring a heating system, it is fully integrated inside these boots. This mechanism can be controlled by a single button as users are allowed to toggle between three different warmth settings for their comfort. Once you turn on the system, a red light will appear as it also comes with a fully rechargeable battery. As per the battery timing, it depends on the type of setting which a customer chooses. For example, if you select the full heat mode, the battery will last around a bit beyond 4 hours.



The Salomon Quest Access is designed on a 104mm last, and with a flex index of 90, it can be used by a wide-range of skiers without any hesitation. Also present in this boot is the 3D Sports liner which prevents the formation of pressure points by wrapping around your ankle and heel portion in a gentle manner.

The superior ride and hike technology make this boot user-friendly for walking as you just have to lift the lever on the rear portion of this boot. It has three buckles which give a snug fit, and an oversized pivot delivers maximum efficiency on the ski.


  • Three different heat settings to keep your feet warm on the mountain
  • 3D Sport liner boasts a comfortable footwear
  • Accommodate users with regular – wide feet sizes


  • Price might be a distracting factor for some customers