Best Snowboard Boots

Choosing the right pair of snowboard boots can be a tricky exercise. Depending on one’s experience with respect to snowboarding, the ideal footwear varies from person to person. What works for one customer might well turn out to be a calamitous purchase for the other. When this sport involves heavy landing and forceful riding, users have to be pretty careful before buying such boots, as anything wrong and it will turn their mountaineering expedition into a catastrophic event.

Starting from the flex, various other features differentiate one type of boots from the other. It includes their lacing mechanism, the support they offer and most importantly, their usage purpose. Remember, every boot can only perform a limited set of activities as you can’t expect a beginner’s footwear to do well for a professional athlete.

So we’ve prepared this guide, for all such customers who’re ready to make their next trip to mountains but just aren’t sure about the right fit for their feet.

Top 3 Best Snowboard Shoes

DC Mens Scout Boots

The Scout Boots from DC is a magnificent addition to the current line of shoes in the snowboarding market. Equipped with the BOA H3 closure system, this boot incorporates a solid dial –connected with a system of wires — at its tongue.



Just like other boots having such system of closure, it allows the users to attain a solid tightness around their feet by just rotating this dial. In case a user wants to take off these boots, he just has to push the dial and BINGO. The tongue will come out and you can easily remove these shoes without any trouble.

Having an upper made of synthetic material, the outsole of these boots is made of EVA for a number of reasons. Firstly, this particular material exhibits high absorption power at the moment of impact. When snowboarders have to make abrupt landing every now and then, this feature allows them to save their feet from unwanted injuries.

Secondly, since these boots are to be used in wet outdoors, the formation of EVA sole makes it a handy campaigner in terms of its water resistivity. And lastly, the outsole keeps your feet warm. Moreover, DC have used their special outsole technology known as Unilite in order to reduce the weight of these boots while maintaining durability and comfort ability.

So all in all, users are in for a treat which such a comfortable footwear.


  • High-Quality BOA Coiler Closure System, makes it easy to adjust the boot even if a user is wearing gloves.
  • Sturdy Outsole with the combination of EVA Foam and the Unilite Technology.
  • Comfortable Boots do no harm to your feet’s physical condition.


  • Runs Large in Size

Thirtytwo Groomer FT 16′ Boots

The Groomer FT’16 Boots from Thirytwo are ideal for anyone out there looking for a lightweight snow boot with the convenience of getting in and out without any trouble.



Equipped with a fast track lacing system, this mechanism is wholly different from the traditional laces or even that of the Boa. Having two handles like controls on each side of the tongue, both of them are used to adjust the tightness of the upper and lower zone of this boot separately. Hence, users can attain the precise level of tightness while reducing the formation of pressure zones.

The outsole of these boots is made while keeping in mind the needs of snowboarders. Having an aggressive rubber tread, this boot can be worn while hiking, snowboarding, and all such activities.

Inside these boots is a liner which is 100% heat moldable. Basically, it is an intuition liner which fits itself as per the heat coming out of your feet. So the more a user wears them the more will this liner gets accustomed to your feet size, thus shaping itself to the dimensions of your feet.

Also present in these boots is a footbed made of EVA. For users who’ve already purchased some sort of snowboard boots in the past, they must be quite familiar with the way EVA imparts comfortability and durability to such shoes.

So if you’re looking to make a new buy for your next trip, have a look at this beauty from thirytwo.


  • Fast Tracking lacing system is easy to adjust and much lighter in weight as compared to the traditional laces.
  • Heat Moldable Liner gives you a custom fit.
  • EVA footbed provides warmth and relief to the owner of these boots.


  • Users have to be wary as this boot run smaller in size.

Burton Mens 150861 Photon Boa Snowboard Boot

The Photon Boa Snowboard Boots is yet another high-quality product from Burton targeting the male fans of snowboarding. Manufactured for aggressive usage, the main thing about this footwear has got to be the availability of the double Boa system. One of them is integrated at the top of the tongue, while the other one is placed on the side of these boots. As per their functionality, it’s quite simple even for a user who is using this Boa technology for the very first time.



The top boa can be used to adjust the tightness of the straps at the upper portion and for users who often complain about foot fatigue, they can also tighten up the back of this boot via the same boa. As per the side boa, just push it at the start and it will adjust the tension at the lower portion of these boots.

The Imprint 3 Liner in the Photon Boa is quite cushy and once a user wears this boot, he will find it extremely supportive as well. To protect your Achilles during snowboarding, this liner comes up with a Focus Cuff. And there is Velcro on the inner boot just to keep the tongue in place when a user is out riding.

That said, there is a special reflective foil integrated into the bottom of this boot in order to keep the heat inside, thus keeping your feet warm at all times. The outsole is made of rubber which grips well on a slippery surface.

Coming towards the warranty, Burton is offering no less than 1-year warranty of this very special Boot. So even when the quality of this boot suggests that not many users will need it, it still provides a sigh of relief to the concerned buyers.


  • Double Boa System allows you to achieve a precise amount of tension around your feet.
  • Imprint 3 Liner comes handy to keep your feet secure.
  • Unlike most of the other snowboarding boots, this one stays true to its size.


  • Requires time to break in.

Best Boa Snowboard Boots

A relatively new technology in the field of footwear, the boa boots have gained immense popularity amongst the snowboarding fanatics in the past few years. Easy to tighten or loosen, users just have to twist the knob in order to get a proper fit. So one can wear these boots on the go, without wasting any time on their adjustment.

Talking about such products, have a look at the Highline Boa Snowboard boot from Burton. Featuring a medium version of flex, this shoe is ideal for customers who’re relatively new to this field and are looking to make strong advancements in the snowboarding.



Featuring Boa Coiler Closure system, this is an extremely simple mechanism of tightening up your shoes. There is a dial provided on the outside of these boots which is connected to an internal system of wires. Users just have to twist it and in return, the connected wires will be stretched to provide a flawless fit.

On the bottom portion, there is a special reflective foil which works as a life-saver under intense weather conditions. Basically, it reflects the heat back towards the feet which keep them warm for as long as possible.

Also present in these boots is a special footprint reduction technology by Burton. As per its specifics, it makes the exterior of these shoes smaller than their actual size, reducing the overall weight to good effect. Coming towards their break-in time, these boots can be literally worn straight out of the box thanks to their superior construction.

So if you’re a fan of Boa Boots, Burton have definitely come up with a praiseworthy product.


  • Softer Flex is ideal for Beginners looking to learn new tricks.
  • Compact Fit, Premium Quality Closure system to assist users while riding.
  • Doesn’t feel stiff at the start, EVA footbed improves the comfortability of these boots.


  • Runs Larger in Size.

Best All Mountain Snowboard Boots

From using them in the park to wearing them on the mountains, the Salomon Hi Fi Snowboard boot is extremely versatile to perform all such activities without any hesitation. Having the right combination of features, style, and comfort, this footwear is actually crafted for one of the greats of snowboarding, Bode Merill. So one can count on the quality of these boots, as compared to the other such products in today’s market.



The Salomon hi fi boots feature zone lock lacing system, which allows separate control for the upper and the lower portion of this footwear. One can tighten these laces as per his own convenience and different levels of tightness can be attained in different areas of the feet. As a result, no pressure points will be created which will protect your feet from hurting.

The bottom portion is made by using EVA foam in the sole region, just to nullify the impact of landing which could have a worsening effect on the feet’s physical condition. The developers have made use of Neoprene in the ankle region, just to prevent that area from rolling if your landings go wrong. This particular material stands tall against regular wear and tear as it will aggravate the lifespan of these boots.

As per the design, one can order these boots in full black or the one with a striking combination of red and black. So all in all, if you’re looking for an all-rounder boots, this boot is really hi-fi.


  • Lightweight Shoe can be worn for an extended duration.
  • Dual Zone Closure for increased tightness.
  • Sturdy Outsole to provide a firm grip on different types of terrains.
  • Heat Moldable lining to contour as per the dimensions of your feet.


  • Feels a bit too snug at the start.

Best Men’s Snowboard Boots

Coming from a famous American Company DC, the Phase Snowboard Boot is a recent addition to the yearly line of snowboard boots from this particular developer. As compared to its previous versions, this one is a little stiff while retaining the same amount of weight. However, this footwear is still good enough to be used by amateurs, who don’t want to sacrifice quality while purchasing boots for snowboarding.



With a flex rating of 5, this shoe is neither too soft nor too stiff by any means. One can wear it in parks and then use the same while riding on the snowboard. Also, present in these boots is a traditional lacing system with a power wrap. Such a construction enables the upper and lower zones to be tightened with different intensities. So for users struggling with foot pain, this boot reduces pressure points with good effect.

That said, the snow basic insole does well when a user is riding on the snowboard. It wicks away the moisture while providing a decent combination of warmth and durability.

Coming towards its weight, it is an extremely lightweight boot thanks to the utility outsole. This is basically the DC’s technology of crafting their outsoles with pretty good treads at the bottom of this shoe. For users who’re interested in doing a bit of side stepping, the patterns on the side of this outsole will prevent them from slipping.

Moreover, these boots run a size smaller than the actual size. So customers should order a size bigger than usual in order to enjoy a premium fit.


  • Decent Purchase for Users with the mid-level skill set.
  • Lightweight Boot with a Medium Flex.
  • Traditional lacing enhances their ease of usage.


  • Not enough insulation around the toe region.

Best Beginner Snowboard Boots

When it comes to beginners, one should go for such snowboard boots which fit properly without any tightness. A tight shoe can cause a number of problems for its user such as the creation of pressure points and a decrease in responsiveness. So for amateurs who’re still new to this sport, they should be extremely vigilant while buying shoes for their climbing expedition.

So if you’re an amateur who is in two minds regarding his ideal purchase, there aren’t much better shoes for beginners than the Salomon Echelon Snowboard Boots. Featuring a flex rating of 3, this shoe provides enough forgiveness on a consistent basis. Apart from it, such kind of flex means that this boot gives a reasonable response, another thing which beginners crave for while being on the snowboard.



Inside these boots, the use of a comfortable footbed means that this shoe wraps around your feet in a comfy manner. As per the sole, the developer has made use of rubber in order to provide standard traction with a decent support.

The lacing system incorporates a single yet effective mechanism of having a locker on the tongue. This locker can be tightened with a single pull as the connected laces provide a uniform stretch around your feet. So all in all, for users who’re looking to make inroads in this sport, the Echelon Boots are one of the best for amateur snowboarding fanatics.


  • Softer Flex provides a nice combination of forgiveness and versatility.
  • Classic Footbed to keep your feet from hurting.
  • Easy to use Quick Lock Lacing system.


  • Lack of Proper Shock Absorption.

Best Womens Snowboard Boots

Specially crafted for the most experienced women, the Limelight BOA Snowboard Boots from Burton provides a handful of unique features to soothe the needs of its women customer-base. Available in a tropical berry color, the bright exterior stands tall for a woman on the surfboard.



The Boa Coiler closure comes handy when a user is looking to attain a solid control over her feet movement. Featuring a dial on the tongue, it is then connected to a series of wires along the entire length of these boots. If a person is looking to tighten up these boots, she just has to twist the dial towards its right side and vice versa. There is additional support around the ankle region as this boot has three lacing zones in this particular area. So as long as a woman is wearing this particular boot, it will protect her ankle from twisting.

These boots have a medium flex so users can enjoy enough freedom while riding on their snowboards. The presence of a Reflective Foil ensures that regardless of the outside temperature, your feet will stay warm inside these boots.

As per the Thinsulate, it is an extremely popular form of insulation as far as the snow boots are concerned. In simple words, it is made of such small fibers which doesn’t allow the air molecules to enter inside these boots while keeping the weight as low as possible.

Inside, there is a traditional footbed made of EVA and this shoe can be worn straight out of the box thanks to the zero break in time. And if you’re looking for additional assurance, Burton is offering a 1-year warranty on these boots.


  • Level 2 EVA Footbed to provide women customers with the paramount comfort.
  • Keeps your feet warm with the combination of reflective foil and the Thinsulate insulation.
  • Additional Protection around the ankle zone to prevent them from twisting.
  • Easy to operate Boa coiler closure.


  • Their boots are devoid of any sort of intuition liner.

Best Cheap Snowboard Boots

When it comes to cheap snowboard boots, one doesn’t have to sacrifice quality in order to live within his budget. Thanks to the advancements in technology, a number of high-quality boots can be purchased without breaking the bank and the K2 Snowboard Boot is one of them.



A recent product from K2, these boots are equipped with a Boa lacing systems. With the help of a dial – provided at the tongue – users just have to rotate it one way or the other in order to tighten or loosen up these boots. There is no need of dealing with the laces as a single flick of your wrist will come up with the precise adjustment. As a result, even if this shoe gets to loosen up in the mid-day activities, one can re-attain a snug fit in a matter of few instances.

As per the flex, these boots feature a medium flex which is ideal for medium to high-level riders. It will provide them with just the perfect response apart from delivering a right amount of grip on the snowboard. So if you want one boot to wear for all sorts of mountaineering trips, this is the product for you.

Moreover, it is a lightweight product thanks to the utilization of EVA foam and the developers are offering a 1-year warranty to make this deal even more worthwhile for its prestigious customers.


  • A lightweight shoe designed to be worn for all kinds of snowboarding trips.
  • Medium Flex Can be used by mid – advanced level snowboarders.
  • Boa Lacing system provides an impulsive tightening system.


  • Lack of Intuition liner is a minor drawback.

Best Burton Snowboard Boots

A company founded in 1977, Burton is famous for its premium quality boots aiming towards the field of snowboarding. For the fans of this sport, who’re always looking for a penultimate combination of style, comfort, and durability in their footwear, Burton has come up with some of the finest products in the recent era. And if you’re looking to make a new purchase regarding your snowboard boots, The Imperial Snowboard Boots from Burton is worth a shot.



Just like most of the other products from this developer, the Imperial Boots are extremely comfortable. They don’t require any sort of breaking time and one can wear them straight out of the box. This is made possible by the high-quality construction as users will get a premium service right from the word go.

In place of the Boa lacing system, these boots have featured Speed zone lacing system. As per its specifications, one can tighten up the cuff with the help of a central tug. Then the cord on the left-hand side of these boots control the lower laces and that on the right side control upper laces. It is extremely easy, as users can eliminate the pressure points thanks to such a construction. And once a user achieves his desired tightness, these boots will remain as such for the entire length of the day. There is no need of readjustment which is a great advantage for users of this sport.

Coming towards the footprint reduction technology, it works wonders in terms of decreasing the exterior size of these boots and eventually, reducing the overall weight of this footwear. It also has an antimicrobial lining – to fend off advancements from bacteria – and a Reflective Foil to keep the warmth inside.

Lastly, the availability of these boots in two colors, a Black/Red and a Green gives you a decent choice in terms of your fashion compatibility. So if you’re looking for a high-quality Burton Boot, this should be your ideal purchase.


  • Level 2 EVA Foam provides superb comfortability.
  • Foot Print reduction is a big plus for users with bigger feet.
  • Easy to use Speed zone lacing system.


  • Runs a Bit small for user’s likings.